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I’d like to share a little about myself, so you know who’s blog you’re reading!

I grew up in a small town in Washington state, where I had loving parents, and a good life. We made ends meet, but Mom and Dad certainly weren’t well off by any means. I enjoyed my childhood and spent a lot of time riding motorcycles and playing outside, which I loved to do.

When I was in High school, I became frustrated with the cliques, and the pressures associated with being a teenager. I actually dropped out of school, and joined the US Army. That was one of the best choices of my life.

I spent nearly ten years in the Army, with time spent in Germany, and many places in the US. While in the Army, I joined the elite Special Forces, and had an amazing time, traveling the world and doing amazing things with my comrades. I left the service in 1996, and worked several odd jobs until being hired as a Seattle Firefighter.

Firefighting was an incredible job, and I enjoyed what I did. From the noble deed of helping an elderly person to the adrenaline pumping thrill of going into a  building structure while it is fully ablaze, it was an exciting career. I left the fire service in 2006.

See, there is a reason why I kept leaving what most would call “extraordinary careers” or “job of a lifetime”. Why? I have another path that needs to be followed. I am an Entrepreneur. I am not able to work for other people. I need my freedom. I need to be able to express my OWN creativity, and get things done the way I want them done. There are many people like me, you may be one yourself. You may know it, or you may not. Eventually, it will rear it’s head, and you will know. If you listen, you will learn the joy of being free.

I now have multiple businesses throughout different fields, including real estate, internet marketing and fitness. Sharing the information I’ve learned over the years is one of my true passions. It gives me an amazing feeling to help someone overcome the hurdles that I remember facing. Helping those who want to help themselves, to find a life of freedom and abundance.

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